Missing Moesia Header Image

I would like to get rid of the header image on all pages, including the front page. When I tried to do that, the site is now showing a blank space for the header image. I tried to readd and image because a giant image is better than no image, but now that won’t even work. I am stuck with the blank header!

Please help me!


I assume you deleted the image? You just need to go to Appearance > Customize > Header image and click on hide the image rather than delete it.

Thanks for the response. No the image was not deleted, just hidden. Now it’s not even hidden, and it’s still appearing blank. I need some fix! Even if it’s just bringing the image back all together…!

Any help is appreciated.

Not really sure what you did there, but an image is reported as missing from your site and I’m guessing was to image that was used in the header: C3-Postcard2.jpg

Have you used the individual header option for your front page by any chance? If not, send me an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll have a look.

YES! It was an issue with the individual header option for my front page. Thank you!