Missing hamburger menu and up arrow in the red icon field

I’m BACK!! :slight_smile:


Only 4-pages:

Services | Solutions
Clients | Projects
Contact us

I moved from the free Sydney Theme to the Pro version; hoping to resolve my missing elements issue.

Using an Ipad2, I cannot see the 3-line hamburger menu icon in the upper right corner. It’s there, but invisible.

Home page: missing the actual up triangle inside the red box
Services | Solutions - All is well.
Clients | Projects - Invisible upper right 3-line menu icon and no up arrow in the lower right red box
Contact us: All is well

Now I’m not a seasoned website creator so I’m looking for an 8th grade explanation or guidance to correct the missing elements.

Love the theme. It’s eye candy.



Seems you have some jQuery issues on your site which are probably the cause of this.
I see you have a minifing plugin. Could you please disable it?