Migration by changing Host

Hello, Vlad!
How are you?

I am currently need to switch from one server to another and came across some difficulties to make the transfer and keep the same domain. I decided I would make the migration twice, the first for a local and after full server, make the exchange of dns and sending finally to the new host.

So what’s the best way to transfer this site (pages, content and configuration) to my localhost?

Pages and content to quietly use the Wordpress Importer on the Tools tab, but you must create the types and put all the setting in “Customize” menu in the Themes tab. (Without an administrative template panel I get really lost about importing settings).

Is there a more viable way with less friction to make this migration?

I hope you have been through a similar experience and must have any recommendations to give me about it.

Thanks again, Vlad!


The Duplicator plugin is always a good idea. You should probably find a tutorial and follow it completely to make sure everything goes right.