Migrating Sydney Pro to Gutenberg?

Hi there,

I have three sites that use your excellent Sydney Pro theme. I’m being reminded by WordPress to install Gutenberg each time I log in. I looked through your discussion boards and I didn’t see a clear migration for Sydney Pro using SiteOrigin’s PageBuilder widgets. I’ve also looked at SiteOrigin’s page, that says they have a PageBuilder block that will work within Gutenberg.

How will all of this work? Should I install Gutenberg? If I do, what steps to I need to take to ensure that Sydney Pro and the PageBuilder widgets that it uses, continue to work inside the new editor?

It seems that this is coming in December this year - please can you advise now so that I can plan how to ensure my sites continue to work without any changes.

Yes, you’re right. The detailed information is available it this SiteOrigin’s blog post.

Editing Options for Existing Page Builder Content

Once WordPress 5.0 is released you can rest assured that your Page Builder content will be safe and editable. Existing Page Builder content will be editable in one of two ways. If you’d prefer not to switch over to Gutenberg you can install the Classic Editor plugin provided by WordPress. Once activated, your existing Page Builder pages will remain exactly as they were pre WordPress 5.0. Alternatively, if you’d like to move over to Gutenberg, existing Page Builder pages will offer the option to migrate Page Builder content into a single Layout Builder block.

There would be no special steps to take when Sydney Pro theme is active. Because it’d be fully depending on the editor plugin. Developers of Page Builder editor have being prepared for Gutenberg that’ll replace the default editor in next WordPress 5.0 version.

If planned to enable it, ensure you’ve updated the Page Builder plugin to the latest version. To avoid unwanted possibilities that harm your existing content, I’d highly recommend you do full backup. https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups


Thanks Kharis - have your users had experience of moving over to Gutenberg and running everything within a Page Builder ‘block’? I’m not to keen on keeping the ‘classic’ editor - I guess it’s just a matter of time before WordPress will want everyone to move to Gutenberg.