Migrating from Talon Pro to Sydney Pro

Hi aThemes team,

I got your email about the updates being done to Sydney Pro and have noticed there have been several made to that theme. I was wondering how difficult is it to switch from Talon Pro to Sydney Pro? Do I have to redesign my site or will it only require minor tweaks?

The reason I’m asking is that it seems Sydney Pro is getting more development work than Talon Pro so I’d like to have my site using a theme that is actively being developed and improved, especially after seeing some of the improvements coming to Sydney Pro detailed in your new post.

Appreciate any information on how easy (or difficult) changing themes from Talon Pro to Sydney Pro is in terms of retaining site design/customizations. Thanks!


There would many adjustments tasks when switching to Sydney Pro. But it would depend on you setup your pages. Can you share alink to your website, so I can do some inspections?

aThemes Support

Sure Kharis, here’s a link to my site - https://www.tanveernaseer.com/

Appreciate any input you can share.


Sydney Pro and Talon Pro are different in the way they are built and work so you could expect a fair amount of work needed to be done to redo your customizations. Some things will not look the same, for example the blog layout.

On the other hand, Talon Pro is not abandoned and will not be for years to come, it’s just that we only update it if something is wrong considering the userbase for it is relatively small.


Hi Vlad,

Thanks for the explanation. That’s too bad as what got my attention was how in your latest update to Sydney Pro it was pointed out how it was re-designed for faster load times. It’s that kind of performance update I’d be interested in.

Didn’t know the userbase for Talon Pro was small as when I was deciding which theme to use I was debating between Sydney Pro and Talon Pro. Had I known I would’ve opted for Sydney Pro to get these performance updates.