Migrate the main page to a different WordPress site

First, I am sorry if someone already asked this question, I looked for a similar topic and couldn’t find.

So, I am 99% done constructing and modifying my website, using sydney theme, in this address: www.lutrail.com/fr

Now, I want to replace it with my old theme (parabola, not recommended) and website which is located here: www.lutrail.com .

The only thing I want to do is change the theme from parabola to sydney, and than to migrate the main page and all of the ‘Services, Employees’ etc. pages to the WordPress installation of the old site (they are both hosted on GoDaddy, but on different WordPress installations).

Question is, what is the best way to do that, and what’s the order of the steps I should do it for it to be quick so my www.lutrail.com address will be ‘under construction’ for minimal time.

Thank you very much!

Hello there,

I am afraid there is no an instant way like single click to import to transfer the content from other theme to Sydney as it has different post types (like Services Employees, Testimonials, etc.) and code base. You need to compose your Sydney homapge manually. Check this documentation.