Meta name="description" uses services text for content

Hi, a strange one I hope you can help with. I have been using the theme for a little while now and all going well but have an issue in that the site meta description is using the text from the services widget and not the site description, yoast or even ‘hard coded’ meta description that I have entered using the header footer widget.

I have 3 entries when inspecting the page source for meta description, one from yoast, one from the header widget (as a test) and one that seems to be coded within the source file (body?) for the theme itself which has the text from the services displayed.

As you’ll appreciate I only want the one description and wouldn’t use an additional plugin other than for testing. Despite changes to the home page (using page builder) whatever I enter in the first row (which is services currently; I have added a heading widget and sample text but that was also then used for meta description when inspecting that field).

How do I stop this? Help appreciated

Many Thanks

Hello there,

Please try to disable the YOAST plugin temporarily. Let me know how it goes. If possible, could you please share the link to the page in query, so I can check and be more exact?


Hi Kharis, thanks for your reply.

I have disabled the Yoast plugin in previous testing and it makes no difference. I have meta descriptions in the head for yoast and when it is disabled it is removed however the description remains where it uses text from the services section.

I suspected a conflict at first but through testing have been able to rule that out, even when I used the header footer plugin I could see this simple added extra text to the header but the other description still remained and it is that that I cannot work out.

If I add any text to the page in the first area that is also added to the description so seems to be something within the themes code perhaps that is referencing this.

Yoast is currently enabled as you’ll see on the site as it made no difference, the site is I can disable yoast if you wish to check further.


Hello there,

I found two meta descriptions in your homepage’s HTML.

<meta name="description" content="SEO optimisation coaching Cheshire. Get to grips with SEO optimisation & improve your rank on Google, SEO coaching plans for all levels of experience."/>

<meta name="description" content="Web Development & SEO optimisation Coaching Improve your Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Coaching Plans SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) coaching plans will help you understand how you can optimise your sites SEO and boost your rankings. Get in touch to find out more. User Experience – Dont lose visitors User experience will impact on how&hellip;"/>

Could you please tell me which one is from your service?


Hi. those are persistent and look to be the opengraph and twitter meta descriptions. There is a 3rd which is below

<meta name=“description” content=“Web Development & SEO optimisation Coaching Improve your Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Coaching Plans jQuery(document).ready(function($){var widget = new SGMBWidget();{“id”:“1”,“title”:“SEO Optimisation - Everyone can rank higher on Google”,“options”:{“currentUrl”:“1”,“url”:”",“shareText”:"",“fontSize”:“14”,“betweenButtons”:“1px”,“theme”:“classic”,“buttonsPosition”:"",“socialTheme”:“classic”,“icon”:“default”,“buttonsPanelEffect”:“shake”,“buttonsEffect”:“flip”,“iconsEffect”:“No Effect”,“buttons”:"{&quot;facebook&quot;:{&quot;label&quot;:&quot;Share&quot;,&quot;icon&quot;:&quot;default-facebook&quot;},&quot;twitter&quot;:{&quot;label&quot;:&quot;Tweet&quot;,&quot;icon&quot;:&quot;default-twitter&quot;,&quot;via&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;hashtags&quot;:&quot;&quot;},&quot;linkedin&quot;:{&quot;label&quot;:&quot;Share&quot;,&quot;icon&quot;:&quot;default-linkedin&quot;},&quot;googleplus&quot;:{&quot;label&quot;:&quot;+1&quot;,&quot;icon&quot;:&quot;default-googleplus&quot;},&quot;email&quot;:{&quot;label&quot;:&quot;E-mail&quot;,&quot;icon&quot;:&quot;default-email&quot;},&quot;pinterest&quot;:{&quot;label&quot;:&quot;Pin this&quot;,&quot;icon&quot;:&quot;default-pinterest&quot;}}",“roundButton”:"",“showLabels”:"",“showCounts”:"",“showCenter”:“on”,“showButtonsAsList”:"",“setButtonsPosition”:"",“sgmbDropdownColor”:"",“sgmbDropdownLabelFontSize”:“14”,“sgmbDropdownLabelColor”:"",“showButtonsOnEveryPost”:“on”,“showOnAllPost”:“on”,“sgmbPostionOnEveryPost”:“Center”,“textOnEveryPost”:"",“showButtonsOnMobileDirect”:"",“sgmbSelectedPosts”:[""]},“buttonOptions”:{“facebook”:{“label”:“Share”,“icon”:“default-facebook”},“twitter”:{“label”:“Tweet”,“icon”:“default-twitter”,“via”:"",“hashtags”:""},“linkedin”:{“label”:“Share”,“icon”:“default-linkedin”},“googleplus”:{“label”:"+1",“icon”:“default-googleplus”},“email”:{“label”:“E-mail”,“icon”:“default-email”},“pinterest”:{“label”:“Pin this”,“icon”:“default-pinterest”}},“button”:[“facebook”,“twitter”,“linkedin”,“googleplus”,“email”,“pinterest”]}, 1, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’); });SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) coaching plans will help you understand how you can optimise your sites SEO and boost your…">

checking the meta description with a site checker it returns

SEO optimisation coaching cheshire - Rank Higher on Google
Web Development & SEO optimisation Coaching Improve your Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Coaching Plans jQuery(document).ready(function($){var …

so always pulls in this 3rd option which I cannot change with what I’ve tried. Thanks for your continued support

Hi, I’ve checked and changed plugins etc with no change to the descriptions and it certainly has me beat. I don’t suppose you have been able to find anything?

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for the long delay.

I believe those meta descriptions come from other plugins. Generally speaking, any theme which lives on repository doesn’t require to include meta tags. Please review the codex. To prove it, you can analyze our demo site with this tool.

I know it sound disappointing. But, this such kind of issue isn’t theme’s territory. I encourage you to contact the plugin’s author. Or, you can start over from the beginning by following this article.