Meta-Information error in Google Search Console (author & updated missing)


Hope you can help me out.
Google Search Console complains that I’m no giving information on my static pages:
Missing: author
Missing: updated

After a bit of googling it seems that for some reason the information is missing on Pages only. Posts are working just fine. I couldn’t figure out what’s missing and I didn’t want to add the information statically on the pages without at least asking if this is a user-error or something the theme is missing.

As reference, the two pages I tested with
Was a blog post ( ).
This I then compared with the pages the Search Console complained about, for example the landing page or another static page

Any hint is very welcome!


Hello Georg,

I have just tested these pages and there are no errors/warnings.

Have you already resolved your issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hey Roman,

Thanks for the fast answer! No, the topic is not solved - there is no error in its own on the tester - you can just see that there is the “author” and “updated” information missing on those pages.

The Google Search Console shows this as errors but that one I can’t share :slight_smile:

Thanks & cheers,

Georg, that metadata is usual for posts, but not pages.

Please check this discussion:

Kind Regards, Roman.