Messed up with mobile version

I recently changed my website domain address through my database on my server.

But my site had a mobile redirection which I set up manually by adding some lines on my function.php

The thing is: Since the change I’ve made on my database I’m unable to find the lines on the function file, so my site is trying to redirect mobile user to my old address and It don’t work.

Is it possible for me to restore the funcion.php file to the default from this theme?

My site:



Yes, please restore the default functions.php file by downloading the theme from here: , unzip the theme’s .zip file and upload / replace the functions.php on your server via FTP or cPanel File Manager in wp-content / themes / Syndey theme’s folder

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You were very helpful

I tried to restore the default funcions.php but It didn’t work, my site is still not working via mobile.

I saw there’s an update for sydney theme I didn’t installed yet.

Can it be the problem?


If you have added the custom code in a Child Theme, then it will be saved even if you replace the parent theme’s functions.php, if the code was added to parent theme, then you can update your theme, the theme files will be replaced with the new files, so your code added in parent theme’s files will be removed.

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