Hello –

I stumbled upon your theme at the same time I was building my site. I’ve built a similar site using Menus. Basically, I would like the same set-up as your demo where a visitor can scroll down and retrieve information with maybe a button on the top slider. Is there any documentation for using Menus available. It seems slightly different from the last site I built and if I can walk through the set-up easier I would definitely like to.



Not sure I follow. To what exactly are you refering when you say Menus? My guess is not the menus in Appearance>Menus.

Sorry, Maybe I’m not being clear.

I followed the documentation for Front Page configuration and I’m not getting the one-page look I’m seeing in the demo. I’d like a simple page that scrolls down with sections that are illustrated in the demo. Right now, I’m getting individual pages linked to buttons in the header.

Thanks for any help.