Menus missing in dashboard


I built my site using Sydney theme. In the home page
I added “Testimonials” below using the Testimonials button that used to
appear at left side of the dashboard menu earlier. All of a sudden menu buttons like Testimonials, Work / Projects , Staff / Team that used to be
at left side are not visible. Here’s the present screen shot of
my dhashboard

Home page is working fine but I can’t add a new Testimonial or build a new Work profile as those menu options are missing.
Could you please check ?

Hello @pixelboxstudio,

Can you please make sure that Types plugin is installed and activated?

Kind Regards, Roman.


I have the same problem, Testimonials, Work / Projects , Staff / Team Menus is missing from the Dashboard left menu.
Toolset Types plugin is installed and activated.

Could you please help, as I am struggling to make any use of the above-mentioned widgets, despite buying your pro version today.

Thank you!

Thanks Roman…Unknowingly I had deleted that.
Hi Lincoglobal, I reinstalled the “Toolset Types” plugin and activated.
All menus in the dashboard are back now :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Thank you Pixelboxstudi, I have tried to re-install Toolset Types. Unfortunately it does not fix the problem I have.

There menus is still missing from my Dashboard.

Need more help…

Did you activate after installing ?

You are welcome @pixelboxstudio! :slight_smile:

Hello @lincoglobal. Please try to deactivate all your plugins except recommended and see if it helps. If it won’t help, please let us know in a new topic, to keep forum in good order.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Thank you for the reply.
I have tried deactivating all the plugins apart from the ones recommended by you.
It does not work.

I will repost under the new thread. Hope you will be able to help.

Thank you!

Okay @lincoglobal, thank you.

Kind Regards, Roman.