Menu text colour as you scroll (non-sticky vs sticky)


How do you provide a text colour for main menu in non-sticky and sticky state.

When you first land on the website, the text colour in the menu (site name, description + menu items) are all set to white due to having a dark background image.

Then when you scroll, I need the text to go black as the main site background is white. How is this possible?

Here is my navigation on a dark background:

But then as you scroll, the background of the sticky nav goes white which means the text is also white.


First thanks for using our Leto theme!

Could you please share your website link/URL with us? So we do a inspection in your code, see how it’s structure in terms of HTML and send the best solution for you. Probably a few lines of custom CSS code should resolve this question.

We await to proceed with this thread.

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aThemes Support


Sure you can view it here