Menu Stability

Hello there,

My site is

When I go on any page my menu is at the top, but when I scroll down onto the page contents the menu goes very ‘jumpy’ - and i just wondered if there is something i have done wrong / can done to fix this?

Fantastic theme, thank you.


Hi, menu have transition effect, it is normal (it changes size on scroll). You can maybe try disabling Stop the nav bar from being sticky? from Appearance > Customize > Menu.

Maybe you should try to explain me a bit what is going on and what is that you want to achieve?

I also suggest to hide footer from front page if it is going to stay like that (empty).

Hi, thank you very much for getting back to me.

I don’t want the menu bar to always be at the top of the screen, I just want it to be at the top of the page. When I stopped the nav bar from being sticky, it was then always on screen?

My main issue is that when I scroll down the menu bar at the top is very ‘jumpy’ as you scroll down. its not a massive issue, but it would be good if it could be solved!

Also, i know this is a silly question but how do i remove the footer (i’m very new to this!)


Ok, don’t change menu setting, just apply custom css code below. This is nice plugin to have for that purpose.

This will enhance menu a bit:

.top-bar {
  height: 100%;

This will remove footer from front page: footer#colophon {
    display: none;

So, apply both codes, and let me know if it is better.

Brilliant. The footer has indeed gone without an issue.

The menu is still a little jumpy, but it is better than it was before, so thank you for that too. If there is anything else I can maybe try that would be good, but if not do not worry!


The menu will be without any transition effect if you set both paddings the same from Appearance > Customize > Menu. If that’s what you mean by jumpy.