Menu size

Is there a way to increase the length of the menu bar so my menu items don’t show up in two lines?

Hi, post us a link to your page please. How many menu items you have?

The website isn’t live yet. But I have 8 menu items to add. The last one is the contact us tab which sent to the second line. If I could move the entire menu a little to the left it would fit.

Try applying custom CSS code below with for ex. this plugin:

@media screen and (min-width: 992px) {
    .is-sticky .main-navigation li {
        padding: 20px 7px;

.main-navigation li {
    padding: 40px 7px;

Value 7px decrease menu items spacing, so you can try setting it maybe to 5px. If it is not working then post here again when your website goes live.

Thank you…this worked