Menu reference into a page ("About") giving non-consistent results


there is an odd behaviour when referencing certain section of a page from the menu using #

As an example see the “About” menu entry on the Sydney demo page:
When clicking it, it gives a different result depending where you currently are.

If you are on the “Home” page and click “About” you always land on “Do you want to…”, which is correct.
But if you click “About” from any other page you first land on the faces (“Margaret Jones”) and oddly enough if you click “About” again you land on the “Do you want to…”

I’m trying to do the exactly same thing on my page - point with the “About” into the “Home” page - and I’m having the same issue. Could you please help me to resolve this.

Thanks a lot


In what browser are you seeing this. We had an issue like the one you’re describing but we fixed it about 2 theme versions ago. For example I can see the demo site functioning fine. You might want to clear your browser’s cache.


I’m seeing the issue with Firefox 52.0.1 on Ubuntu Linux (16.04).

Yeah, I see it on FF on Windows too. The rest of the browsers don’t seem to have this issue. We’ll see if anything can be done. Thanks for letting us know.