Menu Plus Sign Icon

I’ve been told the site is looking great but some people aren’t knowing that the plus sign is for the menu. Is there away to make a normal menu or to simply change the symbol to 3 lines or a different symbol?

For the Password just click the white space and type: speaklife

I really love this theme so I hope there is a fix for this :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Please follow this thread to change the plus sign icon.


For some reasons, I can not enter the code. Do you know what’s wrong?
I am working currently at the design of my real estate blog and I am going to use the design of this theme. I like very much this page of a property management software

Hi @bradmolly,

Thank you for contacting us, but can you let me know what is your exact issue? I’ve visited your site and I noticed that you are not using Wordpress site and this theme is for Wordpress site only.


Hello Awan,

This is not my site. Mine is under construction. However I liked the design of the above mentioned website. I want to use this theme on my wordpress website and create similar design for the main page. I am not sure if it is possible

Oh I see… Yes you can use Wordpress to build a website similar with those. But you might need to make a bit customization tho

Thank you Awan.
Currently working at it