Menu Padding

Hello Vlad
good day!

I’m trying to center the menu items to the middle (top / bottom) the Menu Div, but I’m not finding where to put this simple command to work.

Using Google Chrome DevTools (F12) I find the blocks and css, add “padding-top: 10px” to “main-navigation”, but in time to change the Wordpress Editor does not work at all.

Can you help me? :slight_smile:

I just would like to know where in the css file I can add top padding for my menu items are aligned in the center of DIV Menu.

Hi Oscar, that may help you:

/menu center vertical/
.is-sticky .site-branding {
padding: 5px 15px;


It should work the way you’re doing it:

.main-navigation {
    padding-top: 10px;

Add your custom code in a custom CSS plugin or child theme, don’t modify the theme files directly.

Thank you both, I had never used a plugin for custom css. This will certainly speed up my work :slight_smile: