Menu on ipad

Is it possible to stop the mobile icon menu appearing on ipads and get my menu to appear. The menu I use quite small, is it possible set it to resize at a smaller sizes?

Sorry just read what I wrote and doubt anyone understands. Can I set my site to show the full menu for device’s with smaller screen resolutions, like ipads that show my menu fine, but only after a menu icon button is pressed, which annoys me a little.


Unfortunately that’s not possible. I mean it is, but it would require code changes that aren’t very easy to do in an update-proof matter. I’ll see if it makes sense to add an option for this.

How do you disable the standard menu and can you make a menu location else where so it will open correctly rather than reprogram that area of the page? Still thinking about this menu button.

I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand what you’re asking.
Making a menu location elsewhere requires coding a menu location in the place you want it to show up.