Menu not visible with Firefox

Hi everyone,

I have just realized that my menu is not visible when using Firefox browser, while it is perfectly visible with other browsers. Why could it be? How could I solve it? My site is

Thank you all in advance



I think its because there is a CSS code to zoom the pages.
Not sure where is it come from, can you please check your installed plugin by deactivate it
and please check also your current custom CSS code on your site, if you found this code below, then remove it:

body {
    -moz-transform: scale(1.10, 1.10);
    zoom: 1.10;
    zoom: 110%;

Or if you have no idea after the steps in above, you can add this CSS code into: Customize > additional CSS.

body {
    -moz-transform: none;
    zoom: 0;

Hope it fix the issue.


That’s it! I put that code in order to assure that the website would be shown just as I want; now it is visible again. Thanks you!