Menu not shown on a Samsung tablet?

Now, this is going to be very vague, sorry for that:

A customer told me that my site is not shown correctly on his Samsung tablet and referred especially to the menu (not displayed at all). I had no possibility to ask for the exact model or the screen resolution (what he might not know).

Anyone has an idea what’s going on here?

I’m guessing he’s using a very old tablet with an outdated version of Android. The menu works on an old Samsung phone and on an old low cost Android tablet. He’s also probably using the default browser. I’ll see if I can find a Samsung tablet to check, but the point is to move forward, not to provide compatibility for outdated browsers with 0.001 market share.

You are right, don’t get mad at it. I’ll try to get a hand on that tablet to find out whats going on. I’ll provide a screenshot if I think we should work on it.