Menu not linking to page

Hey, my main navigation doesn’t seem to be linking to child pages. For instance, “Services” is the parent page for the “Search Engine Optimization” page. If I don’t assign “Services” as the parent the SEO page shows up fine, but when it is the parent I get an error. For organizational purposes and adding similar pages, I want to have these as child pages. How do I fix this issue with the menus?

Here is my site:


I think this is mostly an WP issue, not a theme one. Try going to Settings > Permalinks and resave your permalinks.

I have already done that. It looks like every time I change the permalinkto /%postname%/it defaults back to /sample-post/.

This is not happening with any of my other sites, which is why it might be a theme issue.

No, it’s not a theme issue:

  1. the theme doesn’t do anything to the permalinks,
  2. it works. Have a look here See Level A/Level B in the menu.

Check your plugins/recheck your permalinks settings.

Hey Vlad,

So with the Services plug-in, you can’t name a page Services and have the url structure be /services/. Please put this in the documentation so others know how to set up their pages.

Also, how do I get my Services to show up in the navigation?


Sorry, I didn’t noticed that the name of the page was your problem.
It isn’t in the documentation because it’s not specific to the Types plugin or any other plugin. Any custom post type archive (services in this case) will take precedence over a page with the same slug, it’s how Wordpress works.

You mean the services block on the front page? Add this as a link in the menu:

I mean when I scroll over “Services” in the main navigation at the top, I want the structure to be /services/ so I figured I would move those child pages to the services section. I think it would work just fine if I used the “Links” section in Menus section.

Sorry for the confusion. Lots of elements. Great theme tho and awesome support!