Menu: move to section on other page

thanks for letting me use this wonderful theme!

I would like to have a website with multiple pages and a header-menu that links to certain sections on these pages that may/may not be on the current page.
Is this possible?

Let me explain more precisely what I mean.
Please refer to my website at

  • being on home page
  • click on ‘introductie’ -> page scrolls to the appropriate section. This is good.
  • click on ‘contact’ -> corresponding page is being shown. This is good.
  • click on ‘bieren’ -> correct page is being shown, but page is not scrolling to the correct section. Can this be solved?

Would be very nice if someone could help with this!

Kind regards


I’ve checked your site and you can did the trick similar with your other menu. You have to get the section ID and put it at the end of the URL. example:

didn’t work yesterday but seems to work now
thanks for your response!