Menu li's being clipped when reaching the title-banner

Hi, I am using the Quill Theme,

I have customised the navigation, but for some reason, the sub-navigation seems to be clipping when it reaches the title bar.

Has anyone encountered this, or can you see something I am missing.

I’ve tried various text-overflow and z-index options and nothing is clicking.

There should be a 4th option under ARTISTS.

Work In Progress:

Any help would be much appreciated, its driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance

Hello there,

Yes, problem is present because header element is holding menu, and overflow is set to hidden. One solution is to use larger header image, or use custom css code below:

.site-header {
    overflow: initial;

And result should look like this

All the Best!

Thank you so much!!! I cant tell you the hours, classes and ID’s I have tried affecting

Can you explain that a little more to me?
I am always unsure what “initial” will achieve, and how did this solve the problem?

You’re welcome,

initial is default state of property which is visible in this case, so you can also use:

.site-header {
    overflow: visible;

Best Regards!

To clarify,

I changed to

.site-header {
    overflow: visible;

due to an incompatability with Internet Explorer for some reason.

Thanks again!