Menu Items Only Visible When Hovering



I just started building this site and can’t figure out why the primary menu items at the top only appear when they are hovered over. I need to find a way to make them display always, hovered over or not.





You should change your primary color from white to something else. Now you have white text on a white background.

If you really want to keep it white, you should make the rest of the elements visible by adding something like this in a custom CSS plugin or a child theme:

.main-navigation a,
.widget a {
     color: #888;



Thanks for the quick response, but I don’t think coloring is the issue. The menu items appear fine when hovered over (grey on white), but not at all when not hovered over. I played around with the color of the text and the only thing that changed was the color when you hover. Without hovering, they were still invisible.


Trust me, coloring is the issue. Choose one of the methods I gave and you’ll see it works fine. As I said, the text is displayed but it is white (because that’s the theme default). You used a white background behind that text, therefore you have white on white.