Menu items look different between pages

I’m writing this post because I faced a weird problem while building a site with West.

The problem is that the menu items look different on certain different pages, on the homepage they are on two rows while on some other page they are perfectly fine on one row.

To demonstrate this problem here are the pages:

The problem menu:

How it should be on every page:

Have I accidently done something to styles or why it seems different between pages? Hopefully you can help me out with this one!

And now that I’m going forward with building the site, I noticed that every time I edit a new page and add content to it, the menu changes different.

I think it is some kind of CSS problem, but can’t figure out what and where.

Hello @tomirytkonen,

Please try to use the following CSS code to resolve your issue.

You can add CSS code to your site with Simple Custom CSS plugin (just copy CSS code and paste it in Dashboard → Appearance → Custom CSS after installing and activating the plugin). Also you can add CSS code directly to style.css file of your child theme.

nav#site-navigation.main-navigation a {
    font-weight: 500;

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.