Menu in footer

Hi Vlad,

Me again lol!!!

Do you have any code to remove the menu navigation from the footer of registration pages on my website please.




I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re asking :slight_smile:
Sorry for the delay.

See Footer menu at bottom of page I have menu pages listed at the bottom of my page but on certain pages I dont want it there. Is there any code to get rid of it? It doesnt look good that the customers see the membership links in the footer menu

Thank you Vlad

I see. You can get rid of it but I’ll need a list of pages that you want that menu on or a list of pages you don’t want it on. Whichever is smaller.

How do you know EVERYTHING!!! cool its page number 1035

Thanks Vlad the Lad !!!

How is this done?

I want to remove all menus from my footer on all pages but even though my menu is not assigned to my footer (in the menu settings) I cannot seem to get rid of it. Thank you in advance! LOVE the theme by the way. “ASTRID”