Menu Hover Not Complete

My main menu on one of clients sites doesn’t completely change color. I think it might have something to do with it being italicized. Take a look when you get a chance and let me know if anything can be done. It’s a small thing but noticeable, especially with the google font I am using. Thanks. J

Hello there,

I checked it and it seems like to be working correctly. Does the problem occur on mobile device?



Safari Browser. The right side of all words, even the “f” and “in” for social media doesn’t completely change to red. I know you don’t support Safari, even though all us Macintosh users use it. I’m glad it works in some fo the other browsers.

It works on my Safari as well.

Are you running the latest version of Safari?


Here is what I see. I also have lots of problems with getting the pro extra sections to work like the front page additional phone numbers, address, email sections on various themes. Safari has a hard time getting it to show sometimes unless you take the corner of a window and resize it, then it shows.
I have very little CSS that might interfere. Here is what I have on this page;
.social-menu-widget a[href*=“”]::before {
content: ‘\f16a’;

.preloader {
display: none;