Menu "hamburger" not showing drop down selections

Nice to e-meet you!

I have searched and read as much as an amateur at this is able to try to find an answer.

In wordpress dashboard area I can view the menu as nornal, by the ‘view site’ selection. When directly going to the site by a google search the menu does not drop down. Can you help


Thank you for reaching out to us.

As checked, your mobile menu is working fine as seen on the below screenshot.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 19.13.29

Perhaps you have a cache that need to be flushed. You may also want to clear history/cache and restart you web browser, in case clearing web cache doesn’t change anything.

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Thank you Kharis.

  1. Cleared Cache using Firefox (current), menu will dropdown once and then returns to being “idle” i.e. no dropdown. Re-cleared cache same repeated.
    2, Tried several (“non mobile”, Bing, Duck–, MS) same series happened, worked once and then would not dropdown on a second opening try.
  2. My concern is that site users will not have the “cache clearing” recommendations that you have detailed, will be “stuck” on one page and the site loses it’s impact.

Is this a function of my computer (client)? Any suggestions will be tried. Thanks again. Your answer got me working on it, you rock, and so does Rocked :slight_smile:

By reducing the zoom I was able to see and select the non "hamburger"menu at the top of the screen (a good thing).

Simply refreshing sometimes works.

Can you tell what I have missed, as the rocked theme worked well and as advertised until recently.