Menu drop downs not functioning correctly after updating Sydney theme and WP 5.7

Hello, I just updated the theme Sydney and the new Wordpress version 5.7 and now have problems with the Menu - the 2nd level dropdown no longer drop down to the right or left of the initial dropdown menu instead the 2nd level dropdown appears within the initial dropdown corrupting it (as can be seen on the site under the menu point “Produkte” > “Basler Läckerli”.)

Please check theme compatibility with WP 5.7

problem solved using:

#mainnav .sub-menu {
  left: 0 !important;

#mainnav .sub-menu .sub-menu {
  left: 100% !important;  
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I am sorry for the delay in response.

Glad to hear that you found the code that resolves the issue. Thank you for sharing the code, that is much appreciated.

I can confirm that it is a known issue that will be permanently fixed in the upcoming version update of Sydney.

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