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Hello, I have two identical websites I am helping to administer; one uses Sydney Pro, the other uses the regular Sydney. The websites are, as said, identical BUT since a day or so, the website using Sydney Pro suddenly has the menu covering the whole page instead of going across the top. I’ve compared the settings on both sites yet can’t see anything there which would explain the difference.

The websites are: and - there you can see what I mean if you compare both websites… is this a bug in Sydney Pro?

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear you have run into issues. I am happy to help out.

Did you work with Sydney Proo on from the beginning or you had been working with the Sydney free before?

If you switched the theme from Sydney to Sydney Pro, you might loose some settings due to the theme folder names are different. And WordPress system saves the settings by the theme folder name that is currently active when the settings are made.

For that case, so you have to sync the settings by exporting and importing the customizer data. Here are he detailed instructions you can follow.

I hope this reply helps. Let me know if you have other questions I can help with.

aThemes Support

On both cases, I was working with Sydney Pro from the outset. Unfortunately on one site it got corrupted so I removed the Sydney Pro and rebuilt it using Sydney because I couldn’t see how to activate the licence and didn’t want to repurchase Pro, especially as I wasn’t using the Pro abilities.

As said, until a week ago, at the last update, both sites performed perfectly. Now Angeltheta which uses Sydney Pro is not showing the menu structure correctly. Did you compare the two sites to see what I mean? For experimentation, I installed Sydney on Angeltheta and using the live preview, it works. But Sydney Pro doesn’t…

Even more interesting, when I now try to preview Sydney Pro, it gives me an error message; I need to activate it first, will not allow me to preview it. So definitely there is a fault in Sydney Pro since the last update.


FYI it is now running using Sydney. If you want the pictures to see how it looks with Sydney Pro, I can send you screenshots…