Menu Columns

Hi first of all, thank you for a great theme!

Can you advise me how I can create a multi column menu? Perhaps 2 or 3 columns?
The bottom portion of menu for my “Travelogue” selection cannot be viewed (or scrolled) on my laptop if the screen size is smaller.

Thank you very much.

Hi bryan,

I just checking your website. It seems you are working on modifying the menus.
Don’t forget to create a child theme while modifying your themes, so your modified file will not replaced when you update the themes


Hi, I eventually installed the Max Mega Menu plugin and it works perfectly. It has the capability to add up to 8 columns which is more than what I needed.

I have previously created a child theme so I suppose installing the plugin should be independent from any updates done to the main theme.


Hi, I now have some issues with the front page overlay pattern. I did not deactivate it but somehow, after installing the Max Mega Menu plugin, I cannot see it anymore on the front page image.

Is there a way to get it to show again by adding some code in my child theme?