Menu color


How could I control the colors of the main menu when it’s condensed? I would like to change the color for the bars and the text.

I’ve been reading among the forum but haven’t found an answer for it…

Thank you!


I think you already have custom css code to change the background color for the main menu. Here is your current css code:

.site-header.float-header {
    background-color: rgba(254,205,27,0.9);

then to change the text color of the main menu, you can manage it from:
customize > colors > top level menu items

Hello Awan!

Thank you for your answer but I did not explained very well… What I would like to change is the color of the boxes that appears when the menu is contracted (with three horizontal stripes) and you click on it, not the color of the text.

I’d appreciate your help.

Thank you!