Menu Color (Top of page + scroll)


When at the top of a page the menu background color is white (hiding menu items) and when I scroll down, it turns to the normal blue color.

Where do I change this color?

How can I fix the top scroll color to be the same as the scrolling color? (See Our Team page under Who We Are)


Looks like you have been able to change the background color yourself :smiley:

When it is at the top of the page for me, the background shows as white on Safari, but only on some pages. How can I fix that?

I’ve checked your other pages but can’t see the issue you mentioned above.

Both the Bulletins and Calendar pages show a black header color compared to the other pages.

Hi, sorry for late reply. Please try to add this code below to Customize > additional CSS:

.menuStyle3:not(.page-template-template_page-builder) .bottom-bar {
    background-color: rgba(9,33,56,0.72);