Menu category

in the site I have a portfolio section (project)
that is showed as thumbnails in home page and is achievable from the menu

if I open one item from the home page I see the project correctly
please have a look at image

If I open the section from menu(that call a category) I see an error:
the last paragraph “Guarda il sito” is on the same row of the text above and loses the link
please have a look at image

how is possible?


That was because both of the page are using different wordpress function while displaying the content.
When you click the project item from project widget, it will open the details which is displaying full content.

And when you open the project by category, its displays a list of the project items within the category, not a single content. The theme are using the_excerpt() wordpress function, its mean the content will displayed without HTML tags

is it possible do in other way and display the html tags?

yes, but you have to create a child theme first

to complicate