Menu button on mobile does not work

Hi, my website works perfectly on mobile EXCEPT for the menu button. Nothing happens when I click it. I want it to expand out the same menu (preferrably vertically) I have on the desktop site. I also have submenus that I’d want to get to from clicking one of the main tabs. Any help is appreciated.


Hi Hayley, please post your page link so we can check it.

Sorry, It’s It’s okay on tablet (it displays desktop menu), but not on mobile phone.

Menu is working fine it is just collapsed. Menu is shown when you tap the button, and it is very user friendly way for navigation to be shown on mobile.

Think about it, there are still vast amount of people who don’t have high resolution smartphones. What do you think, how vertical navigation will look like on those devices?

Theme is built with twitter bootstrap and if you go with that idea bootstrap should be recompiled - change breakpoint where Bootstrap menu becomes responsive. Check this post if you want to try. Also it is documented on bootstrap.

Regarding clicking one the main items instead of hoover. You should change file theme folder > js > scripts.js to your needs (clck instead of hover).

When I have tapped the menu button on my smartphone (or when others did it on theirs) the menu did not un-collapse, or expand. All we can see are the 3 lines, and clicking/tapping the button does nothing. I just want the button to work. Everything else on mobile works fine.

Hey, I checked your page with Sony Xperia, menu is working. Guess I have to borrow phone from someone :slight_smile:

I think it might only be on Android that it is not working. My phone is a Galaxy S3. Someone who went on safari browser said it worked fine.

Sony Xperia is on Android. Can you install some other browser for your phone and try again?