Menu button not working on child theme


I recently create a child theme to make some small modifications, but when activated the menu button stops working. It continues to send me to a none existing /# marker when clicked.

Here is my site’s adress;



Can you please download and install this version?

Sure do. I will try this and post the feedback, Thanks.

Nope. Now the parent and the child theme doesn’t work… :frowning:

It would appear that the issue is fixed and the menu is working now?

Yes, but I had to reconstruct the site from scratch. I even had to delete my old database and create a new one. Not a big issue because I am still in the design phase, but I still haven’t make changes to the child theme yet.

Thanks a lot for all the support. I want to ask you if there is going a to be a Pro Intro theme? Maybe some things to implement on it could be an option to change the footer, the position of the side bar and it’s contents, more animation options for the welcome text in the header, and slide shot images or rotative images for the parallax header.

Just thinking out loud. I love your theme and appreciate it a lot.

That’s strange, though I’m guessing there was a caching issue or something. The code of the theme doesn’t change so it would work the same even if you rebuild your website or not. Not really sure what the issue was there.

The plan is to have a pro version, but we’re still waiting for the free theme to go live on first.

Yea I didn’t figured out. I’m reaching my deadline so I didn’t wanted to waste time. It was easier for me to start over again. I’m still having minor issues with my child theme, like the Intro FP: Employees widget’s text alignment and the employees boxes goes nuts only when the child theme is activated. Another minor issue is that the scroll up button at the bottom of the site has disappeared from the main theme and the child theme as well.

I haven’t made any changes to anything in the child theme yet.