Menu"button" not visible on iphone


When I view the website on my Iphone the menu “button” is white on a white background, and therefor not viewable. How can I change the color (of the button not the background)? Also when I manage to press it the menu options are black instead of the colors it had on the computerscreen. I like to change this as well.


Hi, apply custom css below. First part is for mobile button and second is for dropdown background.

span.slicknav_menutxt {
  color: #75aaaa;

ul.slicknav_nav {
  background: #75aaaa;

Simple custom css is good plugin for that purpose.

THANK YOU! It worked wonderful!

How can I change the menu button from a plus sign to the word “menu” in the Theme “Intro”?

No, sorry, since it is not plus sign, although it look like that :slight_smile: .

Plus sign is styled html element and beside styling it requires theme modification.