Menu button inactive on mobile

The mobile button does not function on mobile. Using iOS 14.4.

The mobile menu previously functioned. I am unsure when that changed, or why.

Can someone please assist? Thank you.

Resolved - -

I disabled all plugins then cleared the cache and firewall cache. The mobile menu button works at that point. I then began reactivating plugins one at a time.

I activated the Elementor and Elementor Pro plugins first. The mobile menu still worked.

I next moved to Sydney-related plugins. I activated the “Disable Sydney Preloader” plugin. This is when the mobile menu button stopped working.

I deactivated that plugin, reactivated all others, cleared all caches, and tested again. The mobile menu button now works.

The problem was the Disable Sydney Preloader. I was using it on a previous Sydney update where the preloader would never stop on mobile and the page would never load. But more recent Sydney updates seem to have fixed that issue, so the plugin is no longer needed.

The plugin is listed as version 0.0.6 with a developer of “kharisblank”. I wanted to let everyone know what was causing the issue.