Menu bar size and fonts


Is it possible to make the menu bar (with ABOUT, HOME, etc.) a little bit smaller in height and to - for instance - make the font bold ?


Sure, add this in your child theme:

.has-banner .main-navigation li {
     padding: 20px 10px;
     font-weight: 800;


Thanks. The colour for the header background is interesting. Can it also be made transparent, so no colour at all ?


It’s interesting but you want to remove it? :slight_smile:
This would do it:

.site-header:after {
    opacity: 1;


Thanks. The reason I ask is just to play with the value and see how it affects the top header image. I didn’t see much of a change (I assume the value is between 0 and 1). What I really want is to control the haze, i.e. turn it off when I need to.


That is what should happen with the code above. Can you post a link to your site please? Last link you posted isn’t working.


Here it is:


Sorry, it’s this:

.site-header:after {
    opacity: 1 !important;


ok works,thanks