Menu bar opacity

I’m having a problem with my menu bar opacity on the following test page:

When you scroll the page so that the menu bar hits the top of the page, it does not change its opacity like your demo page does:

…so it’s hard to read the text as it scrolls under the menu bar. Is this something I did? How can I change the opacity so that it looks the the menu bar in the demo?

The menu isn’t working as it does on the demo site anymore, we made some changes. You can add this if you want to tweak the opacity:

.is-sticky .top-bar {
    background-color: rgba(34, 34, 34, 0.7);

That worked perfectly, thanks!!!

Hi, i also have a question to the top bar opacity. this is my site

and i have assigned the yellow color #F9B424 with opacity 0.9 as i like this effect. however i cannot get read of some dark layer behind the yellow - i guess from the original top bar colour #222 (which also i tried to change to fff) and this makes the yellow dark.
if i change to opacity 1, then it gets light, but obviously looses the transparency.
is there any way to keep the transparency and have some white layer underneath instead of dark?
top bar at post level (looks sort of dirty)
thanks for your help!

found it… sticky-wrapper
so this is solved