Menu bar not horizontal

Hello, Hope you are having a wonderful day. Quick question: For the main menu of Fashionista theme, I would like the menu items to appear horizontally. However, I only see the word MENU. If I click on it, then I am able to see the menu items listed out in a rectangular table. Is there a way to correct this?


First thanks for using our theme Fashionistas!

Sorry but I couldn’t reproduce this issue here. Could you please share your website URL/Link with us, so we can do a inspect, see what’s happening and send the best solution for you.

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aThemes Support

Hi Rodrigo,

Thank you responding so quickly.

The word menu is just under the logo ‘Greyish Green’.

I want it to look like:

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Hello Sharifa,

Please try adding the given custom CSS code below at Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

@media only screen and (min-width: 760px) and (max-width: 959px) {
	.nav-close {
		display: none;

    #main-navigation > .sf-menu > ul {
    	position: relative;
    	max-width: 100%;
    	max-height: none;
        background: transparent;

    #main-navigation > .sf-menu > ul > li {
    	float: left;

    #main-navigation li a {
    	color: #212121;

We hope this helps!

Please try that and let us know if ou need further assistance.

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aThemes Support

Hey Rodrigo,
That worked.
Thank you very much.
However, when I make changes such as testing another theme. the menu reverts. Or if I am changing the menu position.0
Is it cache related.
I have a few other questions.

I have a little problem with the widget on the right side. I am not sure why I am getting an ‘invalid parameter instance’ message. Is this more of WordPress question. Should I reset the website or recreate the child theme?

Thirdly, what is the code for the line borders. I want them all to be the same size.

Lastly, is it possible on the blog page where I add posts to, to remove items from the sidebar such as ARCHIVE or relocate it to either to the bottom of the page or as a link on the main menu bar. Then have a full page single column.

I guess my question is it possible to have the widgets appear on the bottom part of the page and remove the empty space that it leaves on the right side of the page.

I can send you attachments with some visuals.