Menu and site logo issue


no matter how i set the menu style (inline or centered), it doesn’t look good on an iphone screen; the menu symbol - three small parallel lines - overlap the headline of the slider (i attached an example). is there a way to fix this?


Hi again,

this seems to only happen when viewing a sydney themed site in landscape mode. There is also a media query coming in handy to solve the issue. Add the following CSS code to your custom CSS:

@media only screen
  and (min-device-width: 320px) 
  and (max-device-width: 736px) 
  and (orientation: landscape) { 
 .text-slider-section {
   top: 70%

Play around with that percent value to get it right for your site.


dear saskia,

you’re a magician :slight_smile: issue resolved. thanks a lot.

…and please help me solving the anchor issue (i opened a separate topic for that).


dear sega,

you are most welcome!

I already read the anchor topic you opened but to be honest: I didn’t fully understand the problem :smiley:
But maybe because it was already around 2 am when I read that.
Will look into it once more.

Glad I could help so far.

best regards,