Menu Adjustments


First of all thank you very much for this awesome free WordPress theme.

The menu works fine when i click on any link and it scrolls down to that portion of the web nice and easy.

Once it is moved to that portion the user is no longer able to see the full menu, it has to be scrolled up all the way to select the other option in the menu.

Since it’s i am using it as a once page website, is it possible to make a constant menu which stays on the top, right or left of the Front Page if order to see the full menu all the time?


You mean something like a sticky menu? That wouldn’t be possible without changing the way it works, sorry.

Yes, i meant stick menu. Anyway that’s alright.

Is it possible to get a small “Arrow” button tpype, which stays on the right side of the page floating and can be clicked anytime to go to the top?

or any other solution possible to let the user see the menu without scrolling all the way up manually?

It could be done with some coding, but it would require you to create a child theme. How about a plugin that adds a button? This one should work and if it doesn’t there are many more.

The plugin worked perfectly fine.

Thanks, you guys are amazing.

Cool, feel free to rate the theme :slight_smile:

5 Star rating given :smiley:

Cool, thank you.