Mein Video-Header dosn´t Work


I would like to embed a video in my header. But it just does not work. Can someone please help me?

The video is in mp4 format and I did everything as advertised …
The page is and the video is here:

I would be very grateful for your help … I also like to give entrance data out


From what I can see you haven’t actually activated the video header from the Customizer. You should do that. Also, it might be a better idea to use the bundled Revolution Slider for your video header as it provides more options. Let me know if you need help setting it up.

Thank You,

I’ve tried it two hours today and do not get it.
It is certainly very easy … but not for me to implement.

Please help me Vlad
write me a private email

Send an admin account for me please at vlad[at] and I’ll set it up for you in the morning.

it´s running… merci