Massive Page Builder Error

may day! may day! my site is in danger! i structured the home page using page builder by siteOrigin, but every time i save it goes back to text (!!!) mode, so when i switch to page builder again everything is lost.

this never happened before!

please help me asap.


i have a hunch, Sydney FP: Services Type A is the trouble maker!! both pages from my site using this widget crashed from page builder style into text mode.

and this happened right after i updated to the last version of sydney! please help me with a remedy for this plugin. most likely here lies the fault.

please, can you fix this widget? now i’m pretty sure that’s the bugger. i’m in real trouble right now…

same thing happens with “sydney fp: employees” widget… page builder is in conflict with it, after the last sydney update.

please revise all the sydney fp:… widgets, probably all of them are in conflict with site origin page builder, which works fine otherwise.

waiting for your response,

I’m not able to reproduce this issue and nobody else reported it since the update went live a couple of days ago.
If you re-add one of the Sydney widgets now this happens again? Or are you referring only to the layout you already had? What PHP version are you running?

hey, vlad

thank you for the reply.

trying to build a page from scratch using page builder i came to realize the conflict with sydney widgets. everything was running smoothly until i added a sydney widget: the moment i hit the update button, ewerything got lost - the page editor switched by itself to text mode, losing the page builder editing structure. trying to revert to page builder, put me in front of a single row with a visual editor widget inside - everything lost! i “tested” this with 2 sydney widgets: services type a and employees, but my guess is this issue happens with every sydney widget.

i am running php 5.3 on my website.

hope we’ll sort it out… until then, i will remake the front page, saving a backup without adding sydney widgets, then add the sydney widgets, hit update, losing page builder editing capability but having a functional page-builder-non-editable page up and running and hoping this improvised remedy will not last long…

kind regards,

Is everything up-to-data? WordPress? The Page Builder?


yes, everything is up to date. the issue came with the latest sydney update.

now my site is up and running, but if i have to modify something on the front page (, i have to rebuild the whole page from scratch unless the sydney widget - page builder conflict is resolved…

Send me an admin account please at vlad[at] so I can have a quick look. As I said, I’m not able to reproduce this locally.

thx, i’ve just send it you.

Looks like it’s the Facebook Thumb Fixer plugin that was causing the issue. I’ve deactivated it.


many many thanks and bows in gratitude, everything runs smoothly now!

do you happen to know a fb thumb fixer which doesn’t interfere with sydney widgets?

thank you so much,

Not sure you need a plugin for this. You can just use
I haven’t looked at the plugin much so maybe it does something else too though.

dear vlad,

thanks again for nailing the problem and for the tip regarding fb thumb fix.

we can close the subject. should i keep you as admin or may i delete it?

best regards from romania,

You should definitely delete the account you made for me, I forgot to mention it.
We’re from the same place :wink:

Ratings are appreciated by the way if you enjoy the theme: :slight_smile:

i’ll take care of the ratings asap.

multumesc mult,