Masonry sydney portfolio

Hello, thank you for your work, I m new in wp and this is my first project with ir, my skills are really basic.
The most import reason to use Sydney is for the chance to filter projects or posts, but after many hours of work I cant find why it is not working, you can see only in Our works only See All, it doesn’t show the other grid buttons, I read the forum and I did every susgestions you offer, copy and paste the shortcode in our work, checked catagories box in page builder in settings, etc and it is not working.
I really appreciate your help

Hello there,

Could you please confirm if the filter param (filter=“yes”) exists in your shortcode?

It must look like the following:

[sydney-masonry posts="8" show_all_text="See all" post_type="projects" filter="yes" include="nature,science,landscapes,a-new-cat"]


Helli Kharis
Thank you for your prompt answer, find bellow the shortcode in our work (text widget) front page
[sydney-masonry posts=“10” show_all_text=“See all” post_type=“projects” filter=“yes” include=“nature, science, landscapes”]
I hope your answer
Best regards

Dear Paola,

Thank you for updating me.

That seems to be fine. Would you please give me temporary access to your site admin area and FTP account, so I can do direct inspection over there? You can send the login credentials to my email kharisblank @gmail dotcom, enclose the link to this topic.


Hello Kharis,
Thank you for your reply, I alreadysent the information you request.
I will wait for your information.

Handled over email.

For anyone might be curios, this issue happened because there were no project items assigned to the categories specified in the include parameter at that time.

Hey Kharis,
I tried to add the masonry sydney portfolio as well, also a bloody newbie, meanwhile copied the above mentioned shortcode but only the image shows up no headline, no information about the project. I wish you would have a tutiorial on that one… you provide a video for the service section but not for the portfolio. So obiviously I do something wrong. I wanted simply a portfolio with few images, project description and a link plus category… It is hard for me to achieve this. "I see only all items and add new no settings whatsoever, guess the project from the sydney theme does not provide categories at least I don’t see an option how to add a category… I would need a tutorial in order to understand that. I downloaded the sydney portfolio and honestly I did not understand why I had to download that what does it do? I couldn’t find out what has changed… plus I downloaded the sydney.php setting file (could not upload it - it failed) don’t know how that works either and I wanted to install the demo it doesn’t want to be installed as well it says it’s not possible “failed” - nothing works… :frowning: and I don’t understand what to change and where… I wish such things would be provided in one since it’s extremly difficult for newbies to understand all that at once… especially if you don’t have really a good tutorial on how all that has to work. "Workin on my site now since over two weeks I do fail on the portfolio and such simple thing does not work the way I wish… I want actually also that the portfolio is not leading to a post site but a frontpage I cannot change that as well. It looks to me like there not so many options to edit the portfolio “Projects” section . Simple things made so hard to achieve… I wanted to try sydney out and may purchase it but I find to difficult to deal with… had other themes before which have been easier for me to handle… to be honest ;). even tho I like your theme but if the free version is so hard how is then the pro? Just wonder… A feedback would be highly appreciated… :wink:
Regards, Sue

Dear Sue,

Thank you for posting it. As this topic has been marked as resolved, could you please post your question in a new topic here with a proper title? I would be glad to assist you from there.