Masonry skewed/disorganised

I’m trying to implement the masonry style photo gallery, but the titles/filters are not the same size. Also the photo’s are not aligned.
I inspected the element and noticed that there is a difference in code between different titles and I don’t know how that came to be:
`<ul id=“filters” class=“project-filter”>



Why are 2 titles a li and the rest a code?

Site adress: <a href=“” target="_blank"></a>


First of all, I suggest you to turn off unrelated to theme plugins and see if the issue persists.

Also you can try to import the gallery from our demo content and edit it with your data.

Sincerely, Roman.

But please do backup before making any changes :slight_smile:

Thanks Roman!
I tried to switch off my plugins but that didn’t work. I only have 9 so that’s not too much.
I imported the demo content but I’m not sure how to back everything up, and if I don’t overwrite nothing changes. So I might leave it like this for now, experiment with another site of mine until I have it right.
Thanks anyway!

You are welcome!


I am also having trouble with the appearance of my posts in the masonry setting. My posts start out in a masonry format, then switch to a single file along the left side of the screen. Also, I would like all of my posts/images to be aligned for a more appealing view and easier search. Ideally, I would like them to line up the way that they do on the home page under “Featured Articles”;


  1. Please try to turn off infinite scroll (it might cause this issue).

  2. Different posts have different height, that’s why second and third rows are not aligned, but that’s how it works (I mean masonry setting).

Best Regards, Roman.

P. S. It’s better to create your own topic for your own question :slight_smile: