Masonry projects Align problem


I want my projects showing in masonry effect. I took the code from the forum, but I can’t get it aligned properly, as well the is the header not centered.

My code is [moesia-masonry posts=“8” show_all_text=“See all” post_type=“projects” filter=“yes” include=“dose,knusperpralinen”].

How can I solve this?


You’ll need to show me your site so I can see what you mean by not aligned properly.

Ah yes, of course., you can see it directly on the frontpage.

Hi Vlad,

Curious to see whether you have an idea what goes wrong with the projects in masonry view.
I fought with it today, but can’t find the problem.

Really sorry, looks like I missed your reply.

For the header you simply need to update the Page Builder plugin.
Regarding the alignment, I’m not sure what you mean, it looks fine to me. Can you share a screenshot?

No problem!

What I want to add is that the products are now showing full widt, 4 in a row, but I want it to be as wide as all the other elements.
Hereby the image.

I’ll update the plugin, thanks for that!

Hi Vlad,

Just checked, the plugin is up to date so I’m not sure if I misunderstand you.
I inserted the masonry code like written here on the blog and copied that into a text block in the page builder and this look all fine. Yet I can’t get the title to allign center and in the same format as the other block titles.


You need to update the theme also for the titles, I just noticed you are using an older versions. They changed something in the page builder plugin a while back so we needed to adapt.

The projects won’t display full width on large screens in order to save on loading times in case you have a lot of portfolio items. For example at a screen of 1366px I see it full width:
If you want to change the image size you’ll need to open up the main plugin file, search for 360 and change it to the size you need. The regenerate your thumbnails.

Hi Vlad,

You we’re right. I just updated the theme to 1.40.
As far as the images, yes I do need to resize those, because this looks too big.
Despite that I still don’t get the masonry to look good.

The title is still aligned left and in a smaller font, as well I still see 4 products on one line, instead of 3 (or something that is just as wide as the other blocks.

So, I updated the theme, deleted the text block including masonry code, and created a new one.

What am I missing here?


Are you sure you’ve updated? I’m seeing 1.33 on your site.

Super sure, perhaps there is a delay?
I just updated it to 1.40.

In fact, now I also don’t see my header anymore, and the masonry is still displayed the same.

I deleted once more the block and widget, and created a new one, but doesn’t change it.

Refresh your page. You’ll see your header image, you just had some caching. You’ll also see the widget title properly.

Wow, I almost feel ashamed. It was indeed a cookie thing.
Opened the website in a different browser and it works…

Many thanks Vlad…!

If I may be so free, I have one more question.
I responded to an old threat on this forum regarding the footer.
How can I make sure the footer is divided in 2, instead of 3 parts?
Do I need to change the footer.css or can I do it differently?

Yeap, you can add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.sidebar-column:last-of-type {
  display: none;
.sidebar-column {
  width: 50%;
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
  .sidebar-column {
     width: 100%;

So you would add widgets just in your first two widget areas.


I’ll add that.
Can I bother you once more?

I spoke to WPGlobus for the translation plugin.
I asked him why I can’t see two languages in the dropdown menu.
He told me I can better ask you, because he doesn’t no too much from the theme.

I quote.

I see that the menu does not drop-down as it should. The HTML source looks different in the WPGlobus part and in the Level 1.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what this “Moesia” does with menus. Because it’s a commercial theme, you may get a faster (and free) support from the theme developer.

Aw, and he also said that there is an error which says “You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors” … Not sure what that means.

I’m not familiar with WPGlobus but the issue is pretty obvious and can be seen in the HTML structure as the developer from WPGlobus mentioned. All menu items have the .menu-item class which Moesia uses to activate the dropdown. The menu item from WPGlobus doesn’t have it, therefore the dropdown won’t work.

Can’t you just add your flags separately, do they need to be in a dropdown?

The Google Maps error is because you have a plugin which adds the script, which is already added by the theme. Don’t worry about it much if you don’t see anything wrong.

Vlad, I thank you once again.

I’ll check if I can change the dropdown menu, and as for the error also clear.