Masonry portfolio extension not working on frontpage

Hi, am using the masonry portfolio extension which is a great new feature! on a regular page it works:
(i guess the gaps between the images are there because they are smaller than 360px in the width)

however on the frontpage, using the text widget as in the docu, the portfolio images are displayed in a single row floating left and the hover effect sort of covers all. and if you choose a category it takes you to the top of the frontpage.

(please scroll down at the end of the page)

thanks for your help!


Yeap, that’s why the gaps are there.

It seems that the script isn’t loading on your front page. I see you’re using WP Super Cache, try clearing the cache please.

By the way, I emailed the guys with the update server a couple of days ago when you reported the issue but I got no answer. I have an update which I’ll push in a few minutes, maybe it will sort itself.

Nevermind what I said, I forgot to remove some test code. Update the plugin please.

super, thanks, it works great now