Masonry Grid

Hi There,

The masonry grid in the demo is full width with no padding on either right or left side.

When inputing the shortcode you’ve given in the documentation and changing the row width to full width in the page builder, I still haven’t managed to get the space away and make it full width masonry grid layout. The masonry grid I have currently, looks as though it is boxed to a certain degree. The featured images are also a lot smaller in comparison to the grid in the demon.

Below are screen shots


Not full width


Full width

Dear Vyralli,

In order to achieve that objective, your row layout must be full width stretched. Go edit your row > Row Styles > Theme > Row Layout > Full Width Stretched.


Hi Kharis,

Oddly… I thought I had tried that. Thanks for the help! Worked like a charm.

Kind Regards

I’m just setting up my web page

I made many kind of maps, and it would be great to show the customers that what kinda maps I do.

I would like that the topic of the project is seen when I move the mouse over the image. Is that possible?

Like this:

Dear @routamap,

Thank you for asking.

I thought that is possible to do. Could you please follow my short tutorial previously posted here?

Let me know how it works for you.


Great! It works, problem solved :smiley:

Thank you Kharis